Water for Banana and Palm Growth in Ecuador

Plenty of water is needed in order for the bananas to grow. They additionally need humidity so constant water supply is a must. Cause of death is often due to the lack of water. Luckily, they do not need much maintenance, but water supply is a must which is where ETEC comes in. Our pumps and ongoing support will make your banana production a success. Irrigation systems are also necessary in order to monitor the amount and quantity of water because banana roots will not thrive in continually wet soil as they are highly susceptible to root rot.

The same concept can be applied to palm and sugarcane growth. These two plants also need a plethora of water in order to survive and produce. Irrigation systems with specialized water way will help in water management and creating the optimal environment to growth.
ETEC offers different types of water pumps for drainage and irrigation for agriculture projects such a as banana, palm and sugarcane growth. One of our expert engineers will help you develop a successful farming.

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  • water banana palm growth
  • water banana palm growth
  • water banana palm growth

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