The Corporación Autónoma Regional del Atlántico (CRA) began on Monday the installation of the pumping system of the "Canal del Dique" at the reservoir of the Guajaro, in the center of the Atlantic Department.

The works will maintain reservoir levels during the most critical period of El Niño, which will run until late March or early April.

Given the critical situation through the body of water by the lack of rain and high temperatures, an emergency plan was made with the installation of water pumping carried through the installation of four floating pumps by the "Unidad Nacional de Gestión de Riesgo", which will have the maintenance and operation of the CRA for four months.

"These investments are made to counteract the effects that is generating the El Niño phenomenon in the region. The installation of this pumping system is to avoid an ecological and economic decline in the populations of the area of Guájaro and to stop the evaporation process that occurs in the body of water every two days "said Alberto Escolar, CRA director.

According to official information of the IDEAM and the national government, El Nino will last until March and April this year, with a stronger intensity than the previous month, so the provincial environmental authority is still working on water bodies Atlantic facing this season drought affecting the department and the country in general.

Southern alert

Furthermore, the inhabitants of the South Atlantic reported that low levels of the Magdalena River are already affecting the local water supply intakes, plus the District of Irrigation Suan-Santa Lucia.

Speaking to the local press, Suan inspector, Gustavo de la Rosa, describes the situation as critical and called on the Minister of Agriculture and the Government of the Atlantic to solve this problem.

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