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In November 2008 ETEC S.A. was honored for his FLOATING PUMP, receiving the award for third place in the medium category.

INNOVA evaluates the measurable business technological Innovation through one or several innovations and of the impact that they have in the competitiveness of the company and the market, as well as of the R& D policies of the company. This equipment does not require the construction of pumping station, it diminishes the drag sediments, takes water from the surface, it is fast and easy quick to install, portable and of easy maintenance. This unique product revolutionized the pumping systems in Honduras and Nicaragua, where their problems of sedimentation and soft soil characteristics made the floating pump the best option. Today there are floating stations in areas such as Colombia, Netherlands, New Caledonia, Central America, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and recently Ecuador, among others.

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Article ETEC

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