Agriculture & Rice fields in Brazil

The agriculture in Brazil is historically known as one of the largest and most abundant locations that produces much of the world’s crops. The focus is Sugar Cane, but Brazil is also known for the growth of coffee, soybeans, rice and more.

With over 260 million acres of fertile land, it’s only logical that it be used to crop. ETEC has years of experience in agriculture and providing solutions to agricultural problems throughout the world, especially in South America. The country of Brazil is extremely tropical and often under the effect of catastrophic weather conditions brought to the country by “El Niño” or “La Niña”. Both of these natural conditions can bring heavy rains or extreme drought which can destroy agriculture such as rice production and others which can devastate the economy as well as the world. For this reason, it is especially important to have an effective water pump and irrigation system in order to protect your agriculture in the event of a storm or drought.

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Etec in Brazil


Benefits of Using an ETEC Water Pump include:

agriculture project in Brazil
  • Simple installation that requires no infrastructure
  • Fast start-up
  • Easy relocation to other places
  • Provide flood protection
  • Pumps are durable and long-lasting
  • Have the capacity of handling large volumes of water

How can a good water pump help with Rice production in Brazil?

Rice fields require a lot of water in order to grow properly. It takes about 1,400 liters of water to produce only 1 kg of rice. An effective water pump and irrigation system is needed in order to ensure that your rice production always has the correct amount of water for a successful season.

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