Aquaculture in Mexico

Mexico has the perfect condition for aquaculture success. We provide logical solutions for any situation involving the movement of large volumes of water. ETEC offers services in Mexico for draining systems in agriculture, shrimp fields and agro fields.

Having sufficient water supply for your production is extremely important.
If your water supply diminishes, becomes too much or even is at a standstill, this could harm either kill your production or cause severe damage.

Regardless of whether you are running a shrimp farm or banana field, having a pump as well as an irrigation system to keep the correct amount of water flowing is a must. Otherwise, your product will die.

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Etec in Mexico


Why choose us for your aquaculture project in Mexico?

aquaculture project in Mexico

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and excellent reputation. We will design and implement the project plan and see it through from the moment it starts to the second it finishes. We also provide ongoing support, routine maintenance and emergency repairs for all pumps.

The greatest advantage of having a pump by ETEC is that they are transportable and will adjust to the changing water level which makes them highly effective and efficient.

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Which pumps work best for aquaculture?

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