With more than 25 years of experience in aquaculture, one of the worldwide market sectors that require massive water movement. Where water exchange methods for shrimp farms, varies depending on the type of farming (extensive, semi-intensive or intensive) where water recirculation could vary from 2% to 25%. Therefore a reliable and efficient pumping station is mandatory in order to reduce the costs of the water management and supply of each farm. We offer integrated solutions to handle large water volumes in the farms; we have developed not only a reliable and efficient pumping station but also harvesting and drainage systems.


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    Pumping stations

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Pumping Stations

Efficiency, Reliability, Innovation. We accompany our clients in the development and conceptualization of complete pumping station.



The harvest is one of the most intense tasks in aquaculture, and perhaps the riskiest one. Large crews of laborers are usually involved in the harvest; the product is exposed to deterioration du to the harvesting methods used, or contamination for excessive handling.
As a consequence the aquaculture industry and the international markets are beginning to apply rigorous quality standards for the handling of the product.

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The majority of shrimp farms are located in flat areas, near mangroves, where drainage conditions are far from optimum. The rapid evacuation of water required during shrimp harvest is too often interrupted by incoming high tides, or saturation of drains during rainy seasons. The drainage pump allows the scheduling of shrimp harvest, regardless the tide fluctuations or weather conditions. Installed directly on the harvesting gate, the drainage pump operates while the harvest goes on normally.

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Engineering Solutions for Water Management

ETEC S.A. offers consultancy services and process analysis to achieve a correct diagnosis of a situation which is followed by conceptualization, design, and implementation of a suitable solution.


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