Flood Control in Thailand – Prevention and Problem Solution

Thailand is located in the Southeast Asia and is known for tropical beaches and wet climate. For this reason, flood control is needed so that harvests can thrive considering that amount of rainfall residents of Thailand receive in a year. ETEC has the expertise needed to help control flooding as we have year of experience in working with these types of environments. The pumps used for flood control in Thailand include:

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Why should you invest in flood control?

Why should you invest in flood control?

The effects of floods under any circumstance can be catastrophic. Regardless of the type of business you have or project you are running, it is important that you take flood control into consideration, especially in locations that have harsh weather like Thailand. We highly recommend flood control to protect yourself and your product. Benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Maintenance costs reduction
  • Quick and easy pump installation
  • Improved daily water management system
  • Flood damage becomes less frequent

ETEC provides effective solutions for flood control

We are dedicated to providing you with ongoing support and effective solutions that deal with all issues involving floods, emergency flooding and flood control. Our greatest advantage is the fact that our pumps are easily installed and adapt to changing water levels which allows the pumps to function in fluctuating weather conditions such as those in Thailand. Additionally, our water pumps do not require pumping stations unlike more traditional pumps which saves you time and money. Remember, we do not just supply the pump but we also provide support, consulting and execution of the intervention as well.

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