Irrigation and Drainage Systems in Malaysia

Flood control is an important aspect of any industry in which dealing with large amounts of water can be devastating. Flooding is detrimental for both agriculture and aquaculture regardless of where in the world the farms are located, including Malaysia. Having a flood control or bypass system in place can increase efficiency and reduce maintenance costs while also making any damage that does occur due to flooding significantly less severe than if these systems were not in place.

Malaysia has typically tropical weather which high humidity, even though nights are usually cool. The rainy season runs from November to February. Heavier rains usually fall in East Malaysia. Flood control and bypass systems provide a great help during these rainier months because they move the water as it falls, keeping your products or area dry. Flood control in Malaysia is compatible with fisheries, wetlands, wildlife, agriculture and more.

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Etec in Malaysia


Emergency flooding

We provide interventional services that will help alleviate emergency flooding or flash floods that come along with heavy rains and natural disasters. There are many advantages of having an ETEC flooding pump during moments like these because they allow for:

  • Fast installation and start up
  • They float and can adapt easily to change water levels
  • They are easy to relocate
  • Do not need a pumping station

We have years of experience and provide not only the pump itself but also the support, consulting and execution of the intervention.

Benefits of flood control/bypass:

Benefits of flood control/bypass:
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Provides easy installation of pumps and pumping stations
  • Improves day-to-day water management system
  • Flood damage becomes less frequent and less severe

Irrigation and Drainage Systems

Irrigation and drainage systems are also important to different industries and is also needed in some instances for land before it is able to be used. Irrigation systems apply water to land artificially and drainage systems remove the water. The first consideration in planning an irrigation or drainage system is water supply or the amount of water that needs to be removed. Quality, quantity and surface should always be taken into consideration.

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