Water Pumps Solutions

Every pump manufactured by ETEC reflects its extensive experience providing solutions for massive water movements. ETEC develops pumps with high standards of reliability and durability, while maintaining unmatchable efficiency levels even when operating under the toughest conditions.

The presence of ETEC pumps in major urban areas, for applications such as flood control, rain water control, irrigation systems as well as being the preferred equipment for the tough usage given at aquaculture farms, speaks of the versatility of ETEC as a provider of water movement solutions.

ETEC assists every user of its pumps in a step-by-step process to implement the right design for the pump station and complementary constructions to guarantee the best performance of the system.

The company has the ability to design “custom made” packages, starting with civil works, to the final conception of equipment adapted to unique and special operating conditions, finding reliable solutions for specific needs



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