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What began in Cartagena as just a stationary water pump factory for shrimp farms in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, today is a booming business at an international level that has reached countries like Iraq with their floating water pumps.

The company at hand is ETEC, created by French engineer Erick Thiriez and his Colombian son Emmanuel, both of which applied their knowledge and creativity regarding these powerful machines that are powered by ABB motors with high efficiency.

At the plant, located at the industrial zone of Mamonal, there are 230 employees involved in the fabrication of these gigantic floating pumps that use simple mechanisms but are highly efficient and capable of completing irrigation processes in legendary civilizations like Mesopotamia, Iraq, and the rivers of Tirgris and Eufrates.

ETEC was born in 1985 which is also when it was specialized in the production of floating pumps. However, Eric made a visit to Honduras, which inspired his idea of creating stationary water pumps since the first pumps would become submerged in water due to the soft consistency of the flooring.

The project was finalized in a matter of weeks. As a result, a new water pump was developed and was made of a large, white steel box and fiberglass. This gigantic water pump is adaptable to beach conditions and capable of pumping 5,000 liters of water per second due to the support of the 500HP ABB motors.

“ETEC applied ABB technology, which is the primary designer, producer and vendor of electronic motors in the world. These pumps are characterized by their high efficiency and heavy-duty work support, reliability, and also the lowest operation costs on the market”, stated Oscar Avella, a motor engineer of ABB motors and generators of Colombia.

In actuality, the largest portion of ETEC’s revenue comes from floating pumps because they are built to resolve any need involving the movement of large volumes of water.

Most clients of ETEC are located within Colombia and are installed close to Santa Lucia, a location that was flooded during a devastating winter due to the collapse of the Dique Canal.

Likewise, these pumps will be used in Iraq, where governing officials are looking for innovative solutions to reorganize and reconstruct the traditional risk systems that began to deteriorate 50 years ago and were destroyed after the war with the United States that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003.

“Since this country solicited the pump with the condition that it could be made in Europe, we decided to associated ourselves with ABB Colombia due to their worldwide reputation which will allow us to get to the Arab nations with a high quality product”, assures Thiriez.

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Article ETEC

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