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The machine has the ability to evacuate about one cubic meter of water per second.

The first rains were present and with them flooding. But a canton resilient prevents problems, that is why the Risk Management Division of the Municipality of Duran was equipped with a mobile Axial pump, which has the capacity to evacuate about one cubic meter of water per second, 3,000 in an hour.

"We are the first canton of Ecuador that acquires a machine for efficient and quick evacuation of accumulated water," said Gonzalo Menoscal, director of risk management of the municipality.

This equipment effectively control floods that occur in Duran, as a result of El Niño and other adverse events such as high tide, etc.

The first test will be held on Thursday, January 7 in the channel located behind the Recreation, compared to 288 hectares.

A Colombian technical will train the staff from "Departamento de Gestión de Riesgo" of the canton in Duran, on how to manage the pump.

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Article ETEC

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