Trenchless Technology: Rain for Rent Relieves Omaha's Flooding

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2011 was a record-breaking year for floods. As spring turned to summer snowmelt combined with seasonal rains inundated the Midwestern United States. Much of Omaha, Neb., was in danger of catastrophic flooding as water levels in the river lapped at record highs.

At the beginning of July, water levels along the Missouri River in Omaha climbed to 36 ft with flows reaching over 216,000 cft per second (cfs). Normal July flows are around 32,000 cfs. Flooding and rain caused combined sewer outfall (CSO) levels to overwhelm the city’s storm and sewer systems. CSO is dangerous and poses serious health and safety hazards.

Residents and businesses were threatened as streets flooded with sewage and rainwater and the building pressure launched manhole covers into the air.

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