Pump systems for agriculture in Argentina:

The world produces over 700 million tons of rice a year. It is a staple food for much of the population across all continents and cultures. Many of the rice fields that exist in the world today are flooded with water from planting to harvest, which is also about two times the amount of water needed to grow maize or wheat.

Water pumps are an important part of agriculture in Argentina. Without the correct water pumps or irrigation and drainage systems, food products like rice and other agricultural items will fail to succeed. An effective irrigation system with ETEC water pumps will save you water, money and unnecessary stress.

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Etec in Argentina


How can ETEC water pumps and irrigation systems help?

agriculture project in Argentina

South America is filled with interesting weather conditions throughout the year and can change over every year because of natural conditions caused by “El Niño” or “La Niña”.

Considering that ETec has years of experience and will oversee your every operation, we are confident that our water pumps, irrigation and drainage systems will maintain your agricultural fields and will help you through all weather conditions including excessive rain or dry season.

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Which water pumps are used for agriculture in Argentina?

Our customers use water pumps primarily for rice fields in Argentina, although they can be applied for the
growth of other agricultural products. Our water pumps include:

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