Agriculture and Rice Growth in Paraguay

In order for agriculture to grow in any area, a good irrigation and flood management system is necessary. Rice, for example, needs to be continuously flooded for about seven to ten days before harvest. By having continuous flooding, this ensures that proper water supply is given and that weed growth is controlled.

World-wide, water for agriculture is becoming gradually scarce. This means that now more than ever an effective water pump, irrigation system and flood control system is needed in order to make sure that proper water supply is given to the farm fields. ETEC currently functions in all five continents and can provide a solution for all of your needs in Paraguay.

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Etec in Paraguay


Advantages of having an ETEC water pump include:

agriculture project in Paraguay
  • Simple installation that requires no infrastructure
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Adaptability to all weather conditions
    and water levels
  • Can be easily moved between locations
  • ETEC provides ongoing support and
    routine maintenance
  • Emergency repairs included

Water management System in Paraguay:

In order to effectively and efficiently use water and maximize the outcome of your rice production, our water
management projects and irrigation systems will:

  • Control the flow of water
  • Prepare land for water loss or flooding

Weather conditions in all areas of the world are unpredictable and often, due to the effect of “El Niño” or “La Niña”, catastrophic weather conditions can sweep the land and gravely impact your agriculture. Protect your crops and secure your yields with an ETEC water pump or water management system in Paraguay.

Our seasoned staff will see your project through and also provide routine maintenance as well as emergency repairs for ongoing support. Call us today! +57(5) 668 9300